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Consultation Packages

Introduction Offer

We will be addressing your dietary concerns, health- and nutritional needs, and create a feasible plan to reach your plant based goals, including any weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance aims. I will then create an individual plan for you to reach your nutritional goals. This includes a written report, a dedicated 2-week plant based meal plan and email support.


This consultation involves the completion of a questionnaire prior to the appointment and, where appropriate, a 7-day food diary.

£25 for an initial 20-minute Zoom call | or

£70 for a 1-hour consultation

Follow Up Appointments

At this follow up consultation, we will review your individual nutrition and meal plan, and where necessary, make changes to it. I will focus on giving you extra support regarding any lifestyle and dietary changes you might find difficult to adjust to.


This consultation includes a comprehensive recipe collection for your ongoing meal planning.

£55 for a 40-minute consultation | or

£60 for a 1-hour consultation


One-Off Nutrition Analysis

We will examine your current diet and I will provide you with information, tips, and suggestions on how to improve it with plant based foods and meals.


This nutrition analysis involves the completion of a questionnaire prior to the appointment and a 7-day food diary, which are submitted by email or post, and you will receive a full report in return.


A dedicated 2-week vegan meal plan is available for an additional £25.

£40 for full written report via email or post | or

£60 for a 40-minute Zoom consultation including full written report

Shopping & Pantry Consultation

Help for your vegan shopping including what to find where and what ingredients to look out for. Alternatively, review of your kitchen pantry for tips on eating more nutritionally balanced on a plant based diet:


This consultation is designed for anyone who would like help with what to buy and where to find certain vegan-friendly foods when shopping. I can also review your kitchen pantry for tips and trick on how to tweak your cupboard staples for a more nutritionally balanced plant based diet.

£40 for a 40-minute appointment


Introduction to Vegan Nutrition

Introduction to an array of vegan foods, where to find them and an overview of their nutritional properties.


This includes a vegan taste tester box.


The introduction involves the completion of a questionnaire prior to the appointment.

£50 for a 40-minute appointment


Collaboration and Business Enquiries

I can help your business, restaurant, supermarket or catering service to create exciting and innovative plant based recipes and menus. With years of vegan cooking experience and a passion for fresh, nourishing ingredients, I am able share my methods, cooking tools and techniques with you, so we can transform your food offering with exciting, sustainable, plant-based food choices.


Get in touch today, to arrange for an informal call or appointment to discuss your aims and challenges.


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